Rude Masterpiece kun 90th episode "Elementary School Quiz"

Recently, a movie “Rude Masterpiece kun 90th episode "Elementary School Quiz"” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

Rude Masterpiece kun 90th episode "Elementary School Quiz"(Good morning masterpieces)

Short animation "Oh yeah! Masterpiece kun"!
Every Friday 18: 20 – 55 minutes On air on NHK E Tel "Bit World"!
Quiz love "Kirita" reappears!

Cast: Lucky Nakashi · Utsukushi City · Kenko Ono · Takuya Eguchi Guest: Quintaro. · Yubuko Sanpei: Shinkai Takei Chara Design: JUN OSON
Theme Song: Ryugu Shita 7 Years C Group 'Every Masterpiece is awaited'
Animation Production: Pie in the sky

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あはれ!名作くん 第90話「小学生クイズ」

毎週金曜日18時20分~55分 NHK Eテレ「ビットワールド」内にて放送中!

キャラデザイン:JUN OSON
主題歌:竜宮小7年C組「エブリ名作 is あはれ」
アニメ制作:Pie in the sky





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