【DHC】 6/19 (Tue) Naoki Momota × Arima Kana × Ippei Ijima 【Toranomon News】

Recently, a movie “【DHC】 6/19 (Tue) Naoki Momota × Arima Kana × Ippei Ijima 【Toranomon News】” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

【DHC】 6/19 (Tue) Naoki Momota × Arima Kana × Ippei Ijima 【Toranomon News】(DHC TV)

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00:01:46 Main part
00:04:07 The situation of the Osaka Earthquake Momota family
00: 10: 08 Osaka earthquake wall collapsed and coverage
00: 25: 32 North Korean citizen visiting Beijing
00: 26: 22 Korea Empire
00: 30: 38 Independence of the predecessor and modern tyranny diplomacy
00:35:50 Crisis management when transitioning from the DPJ administration to the Abe administration
00:36:40 Japan stops election support Cambodia opposition demo in NY
01:11:16 Notification (Scheduled performers)
01:11:46 Masaki Momota "Points of arrival of classical geniuses"
01: 17: 57 Trajectory! (Arima Kagaku: Meals with DHC producer in Singapore)
01: 21: 48 Trajectory! (Mr. Arimoto incense: Shop of medicine shop soup)
01: 22: 29 Mr. Naoki Momota get angry with Mr. Ichihei Ichijima
01: 24: 00 Naoki Momota Misunderstanding with the publisher
01: 25: 37 Growth hormone contained in food
01: 28: 16 A story that collapsed with carbon monoxide poisoning
01:30:15 Mr. Hyundai to Representative Yuzuki "Do not put anything in your name"
01: 43: 15 Mr. Momota RADWIMPS "There is something more important than business and money"
01: 54: 36 NHK News 7 Shabu-bashi video on US-North Korea summit meeting

From Toranomon, slash politics, economy and society! !
A live broadcasting daily news show that men's witnesses can spread over the day!
This program is not based on the so-called "pre-setup every step" like a terrestrial TV.
So, we will send you news selections and performers' meetings all in a sense of omission.
Therefore, it is also just before the broadcast that the moderators and panelists enter the studio!
How will you make programs of this day from there? What are you sticking to and talking about?
Please also enjoy the backstage of program making!

Cast: Naoki Momota × Arimoto Kaori
MC Rice Grain Saving (Komezukuru Shakyou) Ippei Ijima

Recording time: 8 am – 10 am in the morning

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【DHC】6/19(火) 百田尚樹×有本香×居島一平【虎ノ門ニュース】

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00:01:46 本編
00:04:07 大阪地震 百田家の状況
00:10:08 大阪地震 壁倒壊と報道
00:25:32 北朝鮮要人 北京へ訪中
00:26:22 大韓帝国
00:30:38 先人の自立心と現代の朝貢外交
00:35:50 民主党政権から安倍政権に移行した時の危機管理
00:36:40 日本は選挙支援やめて カンボジア野党がNYでデモ
01:11:16 お知らせ(出演者予定)
01:11:46 百田尚樹 著「クラシック 天才たちの到達点」
01:17:57 トラ撮り!(有本香氏:シンガポールでDHCプロデューサーと食事)
01:21:48 トラ撮り!(有本香氏:薬膳スープのお店)
01:22:29 百田尚樹氏 居島一平さんに怒られる
01:24:00 百田尚樹氏 出版社との誤解でモメる
01:25:37 食べ物に含まれる成長ホルモン
01:28:16 一酸化炭素中毒で倒れた話
01:30:15 柚木議員に百田氏「何でも自分の売名に取り入れるなよ」
01:43:15 百田氏 RADWIMPSに「商売や金よりも大事なものがある」
01:54:36 NHKニュース7 米朝首脳会談にちゃぶ台返し映像


MC 米粒写経(こめつぶしゃきょう)居島一平


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