"Post Zhengwara" NGT Nakai Rika fan Male half cohabitation scene photograph "Trailer"

Recently, a movie “"Post Zhengwara" NGT Nakai Rika fan Male half cohabitation scene photograph "Trailer"” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

"Post Zhengwara" NGT Nakai Rika fan Male half cohabitation scene photograph "Trailer"('Weekly Bunshun' Official Channel)

"Complete version" Video released on "Weekly Bunshun Digital"

On June 16 (Saturday) broadcasting Internet program "Direct Striker Weekly Bunshun Live" reported that the enthusiastic love co-existence of Rika Nakai (20), a center at NGT 48 based in Niigata prefecture, was broadcast.

Born in Toyama Prefecture, he served as a center for major debut single "Youth Clock" of NGT 48 released in April 2017. Regular program such as variety show "Fuji TV" (Fuji Television), "Smart Fondue" (TV Asahi), "Youth High School 3 Year C Group" (TV Tokyo based) etc and has a regular talk power " Rino "is also a high member.

Meanwhile, also known as "fire burning queen", on June 10 broadcasting "Liaison Counselor" (Nippon Television system), for anti fans who will speak ill of the face at the handshake meeting, Introducing the episode that it is counterattacking "Uh, return!" When asked "What is the (final) dream is the center of AKB48?", He repeatedly made extensive remarks saying "Everything is OK if you get money."

Mr. A of such Nakai is a 20-something fan from the Kansai who supports 48 groups for a long time. It is a man who frequently passed Nakai 's handshake meeting. On the evening of June 11, Mr. A entered a home condominium in Nakai where no one is present, but about three hours later, Nakai who finished the work of the Internet live program "SHOWROOM" returned home. When Nakai leaves the house early next morning on the 12th, about five hours later Mr. A also left home Nakai.

On 14th, the small journal interview team hit Nakai. Nakai swung the neck side by side silently, and left the place. I also asked my affiliated office to confirm the fact, but I could not get a response within the due date.

On the 15th, Nakai said "SHOWROOM" just before the general election, "I think that it is probable that I will hurt everyone, but I just want you to believe it." It attracted the attention of fans.('Weekly Bunshun' Official Channel)

“ポスト指原”NGT中井りか ファン男性との半同棲スクープ撮《予告編》








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