Cute kitty dumplings, I started! Day 8

Recently, a movie “Cute kitty dumplings, I started! Day 8” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

Cute kitty dumplings, I started! Day 8(Ponta Ponta)

Kittens that came to be able to play even with catfeel If you play tired, will you make kitty dumplings too?

First day → I am a little weak but I met my best kittens alive

Second day → How about protecting a weak kittens overnight?

Third day → Kitten rice Time and kitten's sex?

Fourth day → Kittens running to run

Fifth day → sleeping as soon as you stroke afar offy kittens

Sixth day → Goodbye Kitty Mika chan, Welcome kittens Sabi! / 2Q4 – M_R2fI

Seventh day → Kittens riding with smartphones and losing cats with fewer turns recently



Featured video

A kittens running and hitting the camera

Cute three tortoiseshell cat who loves too much and holds fitly

Growth record of too cute kittens From 1 month old to 1 year old https: / / / nwBpovk 9ppk

I picked up a kitty that I met a kitty cat who does not know whether it is dirty white or gray 2017part8https: //

I picked up a kitty kittens 2017 The kittens I met with a storeroom

Used songs Sweet tea music studio
Satan's soul Ponta)

かわいい子猫団子、はじめました! 8日目


一日目 → 少し弱っているけど精一杯生きている子猫たちと出会った

二日目 → 弱った子猫を保護して一晩たったら?

三日目 → 子猫のご飯タイムと子猫の性別は?

四日目 → 走り寄ってくる子猫ちゃん

五日目 → 撫でるとすぐに寝ちゃうのび太系子猫

六日目 → さよなら子猫三毛ちゃん、ようこそ子猫サビちゃん!

七日目 → スマホをいじっていると乗ってくる子猫と最近出番の少ない先住猫






可愛すぎる子猫の成長記録 生後一か月から1歳になるまで

汚れて白なのかグレーなのかわからない子猫に出会った 子猫を拾ってみた2017part8

子猫を拾ってみた2017 物置で出会った子猫たち


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