Cast in USJ injured head in contact with "Water World" show

Recently, a movie “Cast in USJ injured head in contact with "Water World" show” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

Cast in USJ injured head in contact with "Water World" show(Asahi Shimbun)

According to the Osaka municipal fire department, on the afternoon of June 7, "Universal Studios Japan (USJ)" in Osaka city Konohana Ward said, "Casts touched each other during the attraction show and injured their heads "There was a report to the city fire department. Men in their 20s are transported to hospitals and are said to be minor injuries.
According to USJ, two people hit at a scene where another man jumped to the man running around the water on a water bike at the attraction "Water World". There were twice performances on this day, and it was terminated by the accident. The attraction is a reproduction of the world of the movie "Water World"(Asahi Shimbun)

USJでキャストが頭にけが 「ウォーターワールド」ショーの最中に接触


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