"If, love" Episode 17: Song Qiaozhi helpless divorce Love Won't Wait EP17 [Mango TV Solo Theater]

Recently, a movie “"If, love" Episode 17: Song Qiaozhi helpless divorce Love Won't Wait EP17 [Mango TV Solo Theater]” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

"If, love" Episode 17: Song Qiaozhi helpless divorce Love Won't Wait EP17 [Mango TV Solo Theater](Mango TV Drama Channel Mango TV Drama Channel)

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This episode highlights: Zhang Yixie blamed his son and must not be soft on Jialing. Song Qiaozhi confessed to his mother that he loved Caroline, but Chang Yiyi was still clinging to Wei Lian even more. He was disheartened and decided to promise his mother's request. Jialing divorced. Jia Ling told Lu Yang that he and Song Qiaozhi had already signed a divorce, and he did not plan to meet Lu Yang anymore, but Lu Yang insisted on guarding her…

Director: Zhang Zheshu Screenplay: Zhu Xi Starring: Zhang Baizhi, Wu Jianhao, Xu Zhixian, Ni Jingyang, Huang Shuo Wen Episode:47

Description: The show tells the story of Wan Shicheng (Zhang Shuangli) who set up his home on the street. He worked hard for 40 years and finally opened the biggest restaurant in the city. At this time, the 10,000 families in the business have ushered in an emotional counterattack. The eldest daughter of Wan Jialing (Chen Baizhi) was a "full-time wife," but the contradiction between her husband Song Qiaozhi (Wu Jianhao) and her mother-in-law Zhang Yiying (Tian Hao ornaments) was deepening. Nagase Zheng sunny day, love in a silly but very much hit by marriage, "magic chef" how to do "workplace queen"? Many trials have allowed everyone in 10,000 families to experience growth and transformation. Can they reflect on the past, cherish the present, and support each other with their families to a happy and happy ending?

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《如果,爱》第17集: 宋乔植无奈妥协同意离婚 Love Won’t Wait EP17【芒果TV独播剧场】

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导 演: 张哲书
编 剧 :朱柒柒
主 演 :张柏芝,吴建豪,徐志贤,倪景阳,黄烁文
集 数 :47集 ​​​


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