Siberian Husky Laughing Nipa Ridiculously, Wondering if I Wake Up

Recently, a movie “Siberian Husky Laughing Nipa Ridiculously, Wondering if I Wake Up” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

Siberian Husky Laughing Nipa Ridiculously, Wondering if I Wake Up(Bupibupi Bunta)

Some people may seem to be bash when it is hot, but because they are making the cooler everyday, I'm just completely dealing ('∀ `*)

Also, since I will go for a walk only in the early morning and the cool night time in the late night without going for a walk in the day when the sun will come out and the bright season, so yesterday's video will be the last one, perhaps until October I think that walking videos will be closed!

It is Siberian Husky's Bunta.

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Photo collection "Husky Bunta of the world's most peaceful face"

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※ Our wooden flooring has applied coating materials for pet, making it less slippery.

※ Siberian Husky is difficult to train, it is a type of dog that requires considerable momentum. It is not a dog breed that can be bred with an easy feeling.

※ It is not my own living, but my family life. Breeding of Siberian Husky (living in other dogs as well as dogs) in living alone is not recommended basically unless there are special circumstances such as home work etc.(Bupibupi Bunta)






「世界一平和な顔のハスキー文太 」





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