【DHC】 2019/1/18 (Fri) Kozo × Otaka Maki × Ichihei Ijima 【Toranomon News】

Recently, a movie “【DHC】 2019/1/18 (Fri) Kozo × Otaka Maki × Ichihei Ijima 【Toranomon News】” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

【DHC】 2019/1/18 (Fri) Kozo × Otaka Maki × Ichihei Ijima 【Toranomon News】(DHC TV)

* Opinions / comments on the program are from tora8.tv ★ ★ ★ ↓ Today's topic list (You can see the continuation by pressing "more") ↓ ★ ★ ★
00:03:58 this volume
00:17:29 Investigating US federal prosecution Huawei suspected secret theft
00: 33: 42 South Korea "Told up threatening flight" / Strengthening attitude / Korea "Let's talk about all concerns of 65 years agreement" Reverse proposal review / Korea "Rude remarks" "Very inappropriate" Is arbitration of rice between Japan and Korea conflict?
00:55:48 Ghos defendant escape audit or avoid electronic payment
01: 08: 06 Mikipedia (Answers from the Mainichi Shimbun)
01: 12: 28 Mikipedia (Actual condition of Chinese digital information warfare to read from the guardian coverage in the UK and the Guardian)
01: 44: 54 Notice (Please report to the police when a suspicious person / suspicious article is found.) The Metropolitan Police Department Terror Comprehensive Countermeasure Headquarters
01: 45: 50 Notice (Science of Toranomon Science Copy of Takeda Kunihiko)
01: 47: 29 Tiger taking! (Mr. Koshi Koza: lecture meeting in Ugi-machi, Akita prefecture)
01: 49: 02 Trajectory! (Mr. Tsushini: Adult ceremony of Jonetradamus)
01: 53: 30 Trajectory! (Mr. Koshiji: Minami Aoyama rescue salon)
01: 56: 02 Trajectory! (Mr. Otaka Makoto: The North Korean Craft Center? Shenyang, China)
01: 56: 37 Trajectory! (Mr. Otaka Makoto: Japanese consular officials who ran out of North Korea)
01: 57: 11 NHK in 9 years The deficit budget reception fee price cut effect

From Toranomon, slash politics, economy and society! !
A live broadcasting daily news show that men's witnesses can spread over the day!
We do not base this program on terrestrial TV-like "every advance setup".
So, we will send you news selections and performers' meetings all in a sense of omission.
Therefore, the host and the paneler enter the studio just before broadcasting!
How will you make programs of this day from there? What are you sticking to and talking about?
Please also enjoy the behind the scenes of programming!

Cast: Koenji × Otaka Makoto × Ichihei Ijima
MC rice grain transformation (Komatsu shock wave) Ippei Ichijima

Recording time: 8 am – 10 am in the morning(DHC TV)


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★★★ ↓本日の話題一覧(「もっと見る」を押すと続きがご覧頂けます)↓ ★★★
00:03:58 本編
00:17:29 米連邦検察 ファーウェイを捜査 企業秘密窃盗の疑い
00:33:42 韓国「威嚇飛行行う」と強硬姿勢/韓国「65年協定の懸念をすべて協議しよう」 逆提案検討/韓国“無礼発言”「極めて不適切」日韓対立で米の仲裁は?
00:55:48 ゴーン被告 監査逃れで電子決済回避か
01:08:06 ミキペディア(毎日新聞からの回答について)
01:12:28 ミキペディア(英・ガーディアン紙報道から読み解く中国デジタル情報戦の実態)
01:44:54 お知らせ(不審者・不審物の発見時は警察への通報をお願いします 警視庁テロ総合対策本部)
01:45:50 お知らせ(武田邦彦の虎ノ門サイエンス コピペの科学)
01:47:29 トラ撮り!(上念司氏:秋田県羽後町で講演会)
01:49:02 トラ撮り!(上念司氏:ジョネトラダムスの成人式)
01:53:30 トラ撮り!(上念司氏:南青山レスキューサロン)
01:56:02 トラ撮り!(大高未貴氏:北朝鮮の工作拠点?中国瀋陽)
01:56:37 トラ撮り!(大高未貴氏:脱北者が駆け込んだ日本領事館)
01:57:11 NHK 9年ぶり赤字予算 受信料値下げ影響


MC 米粒写経(こめつぶしゃきょう)居島一平


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