【DHC】 2019/1/9 (Wed) Harumi Kitamura × Kent Gilbert × Ippei Ichijima 【Toranomon News】

Recently, a movie “【DHC】 2019/1/9 (Wed) Harumi Kitamura × Kent Gilbert × Ippei Ichijima 【Toranomon News】” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

【DHC】 2019/1/9 (Wed) Harumi Kitamura × Kent Gilbert × Ippei Ichijima 【Toranomon News】(DHC TV)

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00:03:33 main part
00:06:39 The Japan Times (Mr. Gone asserts innocence, global warming, Shigeru Yoshida retiring retirement, Mr. Kim Jong-hee to China)
00: 07: 21 The NewYork Times (President Erdogan can do the rest, surprising people of the security committee)
00:14:46 Tokyo Medical College illegal entrance examination for additional investigation Preferential treatment and suspicion of mouthfeel
00: 18: 22 Canada Prime Minister restrained telephone conversation For the Canadian liberation
00:23:18 Foreclosure decision in controversial case lawsuit Applying Korean district court
00: 39: 03 Radar information suggesting presentation to Korea Defense minister openly denied / solved with calm consultation Radar problem Secretary General Koike expressed
00:50:26 US actor Spacey suspects not guilty Forced obscenity case
00:55:26 Tiger Judo (Why does accusation happen?
00: 57: 15 Tiger Judo (Why does accusation happen? Ashikaga case ~)
01:08:18 Tiger Juda (Why does false accident happen? ~ Japan's judicial system seen from Gone case ~)
01:27:53 Questionnaire result (Do you think you should attend a lawyer for interrogation?)
01: 35: 57 Notice (The Great East Asia War Greatest Memory Represented by Showa Heroes)
01: 38: 10 Trajectory! (Mr. Haruo Kitamura: Golf at New Year's Holiday)
01: 39: 02 Notice (Mail magazine "You say too !! Lawyer, Haruo Kitamura speaks Honno")
01: 39: 27 Traits! (Kent Gilbert: American 'Japanese food')
01:43:41 Kim Jong-In's meeting with the trainee's seat Meeting denuclearization confirmed in the US-North Korea perspective
01: 50: 15 Okinawa mayor no longer participate in the prefectural referenda 3rd in the prefecture headland / Hinoko landfill suspended directly in front of the White House
01: 56: 15 Russia is planning to reinforce defense line missiles in the Northern Territories

From Toranomon, slash politics, economy and society! !
A live broadcasting daily news show that men's witnesses can spread over the day!
This program is not based on the so-called "pre-setup every step" like a terrestrial TV.
So, we will send you news selections and performers' meetings all in a sense of omission.
Therefore, it is also just before the broadcast that the moderator and the paneler enter the studio!
How will you make programs of this day from there? What are you sticking to and talking about?
Please also enjoy the backstage of program making!

Cast: Haruo Kitamura × Kent Gilbert
MC Rice Grain Saving (Komezukuru Shakyou) Ippei Ijima

Recording time: 8 am – 10 am in the morning(DHC TV)

【DHC】2019/1/9(水) 北村晴男×ケント・ギルバート×居島一平【虎ノ門ニュース】

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★★★ ↓本日の話題一覧(「もっと見る」を押すと続きがご覧頂けます)↓ ★★★
00:03:33 本編
00:06:39 The Japan Times(ゴーン氏無罪主張、地球温暖化、吉田沙保里引退表明、金正恩氏中国へ)
00:07:21 The NewYork Times(エルドアン大統領 後始末は出来る、安全保障委員会の人達はびっくり)
00:14:46 東京医大 不正入試で追加調査へ 優遇や口利き疑惑で
00:18:22 米カナダ首相が電話会談 拘束カナダ人解放に向け
00:23:18 徴用工訴訟で差し押さえ決定 韓国地裁 申請認める
00:39:03 レーダー情報 韓国への提示を示唆 防衛相 公開は否定/冷静な協議で解決を レーダー問題 小池書記局長が表明
00:50:26 米俳優スペイシー容疑者 無罪主張 強制わいせつ事件
00:55:26 虎弁連(なぜ冤罪は起きるのか?)
00:57:15 虎弁連(なぜ冤罪は起きるのか?〜足利事件〜)
01:08:18 虎弁連(なぜ冤罪は起きるのか?〜ゴーン事件から見る日本の司法制度〜)
01:27:53 アンケート結果(取り調べには弁護士を同席させるべきだと思いますか?)
01:35:57 お知らせ(昭和の英雄が語る 大東亜戦争 偉大なる記憶)
01:38:10 トラ撮り!(北村晴男氏:年末年始のゴルフ)
01:39:02 お知らせ(メルマガ「言いすぎか!!弁護士・北村晴男 本音を語る」)
01:39:27 トラ撮り!(ケント・ギルバート氏:アメリカの「和食」)
01:43:41 金正恩氏 習主席と会談 米朝視野に非核化確認か
01:50:15 沖縄市長 県民投票に不参加表明 県内首長で3番目/辺野古埋め立て停止を ホワイトハウス前で直訴
01:56:15 ロシアが北方領土に防衛線 ミサイル増強構想


MC 米粒写経(こめつぶしゃきょう)居島一平


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