A rain accident that should be supposed to be after the breakfast …? !

Recently, a movie “A rain accident that should be supposed to be after the breakfast …? !” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

A rain accident that should be supposed to be after the breakfast …? !("Atsushi" Channel)

Haru-chan is too okay?
Whenever I came to my parents' house I thought

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Introduction of cats in our house · Takeshi … human. Video posting started from high school third grade (2012), YouTube began full-scale posting in February 2017. I am taking care of the day and night as a coward of cats. Tutoring with the cats also teach Japanese and manner and others. We are in charge of planning, editing, shooting etc. of movies. Salary is boiled down 5 g.

· Tiger … Born in 2015/03/14 ♂ In the same year I was picked up by Atsushi and debuted from the next day. She has grown up as a handsome cat with big ears and a brilliant look. The personality is mature admirably, just for Atsushi it is Deleedere and she is a sweetboy. I am also kind to other cats, just like your older brother.

· Robin … born 2015/04/14 ♂ same year I was abandoned in the same year and it came to protect me. The so-called "embarrassed face" at the time when the sauce caught my eyes is very popular, becoming cute or becoming a buzz. Anyway, because there are many variations of the face, I am acting as a beauty system YouTuber. The personality is calm, but if you are curious and challenged to be dangerous, you are annoying you. I love bathing and putting it in a bathtub usually.

· Nick … I caught my legs at first sight at the ___ 2016/10/14 born protection facility. I am weak and have sickness but they are very active and play more than anyone. It is very compatible with seniors and is loved like a real child. My face looks like a very young kitten but it is full body, it is distinctive that the tail is short and rounded. Because I do not shy people, friends who visited are natural people who are as natural as they will return home as they love Nick.

– ー ー ー こ こ か ら 家族 猫 ー ー · · · ス ク ー … Born 2015/07/14 ♂ Protect the place which was abandoned under the signboard at the time of the ausashi at that time. To the movie that the current video exceeds 5 million play now …! The love at first sight is a sister living in the family home when I worried about what to do because it was not changed cat three animals in the apartment had been living at that time, became a member of the parents' house cat is as it is taken care of in the home.
When I was young I used to bite well, but I calmed down a bit after I was over 2 years old and when Haru came, I changed to Diredle's older brother (occasionally bite). A mysterious cat that runs around as he is a big man lover and basically does not shy guys if a man is present. The tail is abnormally long and it can be compared to a tissue box like a pattern on the back. cute.("Atsushi" Channel)







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・ティガー…2015/03/14生まれの♂ 同年5月にあつしに拾われ次の日から動画デビュー。大きな耳と凛々しい顔つきでイケメン猫として成長している。性格は大人しくビビリ、ただあつしに対してはデレデレでとにかく甘えん坊。ほかの猫にも優しく、まさにお兄ちゃんのような存在。

・ロビン…2015/04/14生まれの♂ 同年5月捨てられていたのを保護されうちにやってきた。タレ目になった時のいわゆる「困り顔」が非常に人気で、可愛くなったりブサイクになったりとにかく顔のバリエーションが多いため美容系YouTuberとして活動している。性格は穏やかだが、好奇心旺盛で危ないことに挑戦してはあつしを困らせている。お風呂が大好きで普通に湯船に入れたりする。

・ニック…2016/10/14生まれの♂ 保護施設にてあつしが一目惚れをし連れて帰った。体が弱く持病もあるがとても活発で誰よりも遊ぶ。先輩猫と非常に相性がよく、本当の子供のように愛されている。顔つきは非常に幼く子猫のようだがこれで完全体、尻尾が短く丸くなっているのが特徴的。人見知りしないため、訪れた友人などはニックが大好きになって帰っていくほどの天然の人たらし。

・スカー…2015/07/14生まれ♂ 当時のあつしのバイト先の看板の下に捨てられていたところを保護。その時の動画が現在500万再生を超える動画に…!当時暮らしていたアパートでは猫が3匹飼えなかったためどうしようか悩んでいたら実家に住む妹が一目惚れをし、そのまま実家に引き取られ実家猫の1員となった。

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