There is a serious announcement from the Ayan People Salon

Recently, a movie “There is a serious announcement from the Ayan People Salon” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

There is a serious announcement from the Ayan People Salon(Aya people salon)

This time, I will report a serious announcement from the Ayan salon in 2019.

The sales page of the Tawari Operation Measures sticker is here.

[Ariomar Drive Special Alert (Magnet Type) Width 22 cm] 220 × 60 mm

[Arai operation special warning (small size) width 17 cm] 170 mm × 54 mm

[Arai operation special warning (large size) width 22 cm] 220 mm × 70 mm

Aya man salon original, Arai Driving prevention warning sticker.
It is possible to access the sales page from this URL.
Also, you can also get it by searching "Ayan People Salon" directly at Amazon, so please check.
You can purchase as many as you can! (^ ^)!

I am a major transportation company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is called Aya who is an instructor of the first large-scale driver.

It is a channel that will explain in detail the driving technique of the ultimately practical, only the professional knowledge and the knowledge of the car while seeing the driving image of my daily trailer.

"Specification of citation source and citation information of images cited for explanation in movie"

Except for images in which the exhibitors or their citations are specified in the movie, all other images and images are used with license agreement with people salon)

綾人サロンから 重大発表があります











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