Confidential work · ◯ ◯ I will give this junior a chance to smell this candle

Recently, a movie “Confidential work · ◯ ◯ I will give this junior a chance to smell this candle” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

Confidential work · ◯ ◯ I will give this junior a chance to smell this candle(Tokai On Air's Waiting Room)

I invited you to dusk and the angels of jet black

◯ You are such a candle

My magnifying glasses are using the head to write a summary field. I am still using my head. What do you think you are using?
Yes, that's right, I am keen on how to thin the title "Poo" in the overview. When the content of animation is extreme or dirty, in the overview column it is theory to make that excuse.

I am thinking that we will talk about becoming a little easier this time and allow all of you.
Well, this theme is "candle". Bad children like watching this movie may have used candles when fireworks arbitrarily in the neighborhood park. Use it separately. Well, please decide to use it.
It is a mechanism of a candle that seems to be easy at first glance, but in reality the phenomenon "burning a candle" involves a great deal of scientific and physical phenomena. In 1860, the uncle named Michael Faraday in the UK said that he spoke six times as a theme with only candles as a subject, and the book "Science of candles" that summarizes it is a matter of level skill that everyone in the science reads It is. I ran away from the entrance examination and entered the university by recommendation, but that I gave a very ambiguous assignment to read this book and write a report so that I do not skip studies just because I passed Even now I still remember.
Faraday says, "Candles that have been told to say that there is nothing in the laws that rule this universe evenly, that there is nothing to do with the phenomenon that the candle shows us," a candle that everyone is interested in Is there?
Why do not you forget about poor "reading science of candle", please read it.

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