A scary story "When you understand the meaning"

Recently, a movie “A scary story "When you understand the meaning"” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

A scary story "When you understand the meaning"(Fuji Studio)

【Channel registration】 bit.ly/157ehSz

I read "I am afraid if I understand the meaning".
I will read "2016 Summer Special Edition". In 2018.


【Nico Nico's Community】 com.nicovideo.jp/community/co217323

Game live performer Wakuzaku band, released a music video of the new song "Signal" (PS4 "NARUTO TO BORUTO Shinobi Striker" image song) at full size!

CD released on August 29 (Wed) from Sony Music Records! !
Game – Jikkyosha Wakuwaku Band / Signal (Full)
(PS 4 "NARUTO TO BORUTO Shinobi Striker" Trailer Song)(Fuji Studio)


【チャンネル登録】 http://bit.ly/157ehSz

「2016 夏の特別編」を読ませて頂きます。2018年に。



ゲーム実況者わくわくバンド、新曲『シグナル』(PS4『NARUTO TO BORUTO シノビストライカー』イメージソング)のミュージックビデオをフルサイズで公開!

Game-Jikkyosha Wakuwaku Band / Signal (Full)
(PS4『NARUTO TO BORUTO Shinobi Striker』Trailer Song)

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