Challenge to relax while driving is too stupid www

Recently, a movie “Challenge to relax while driving is too stupid www” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

Challenge to relax while driving is too stupid www(SUSHI RAMEN 【Riku】)

[This shoot is a circuit that you can cooperate with a car lover human being from last year's October thank you for receiving me cooperation for car lovers who would like to know everything about car fun and wonderfulness I started from the trip searching for.
Mr. Kumakubo President, Ebisu Circuit Co., Ltd., who appeared in the form of actually driving a car at the movie Wild Speed, and everyone of the huge Ikemen staff who helped late, and the bridge with Ebisu Circuit Power LLC manager rushed to drive to Fukushima from Shizuoka Mr. Hayakawa Thank you very much!
Ebisu Circuit Co., Ltd.
Dear Power LLC http:]

Human race. Our evolution is amazing.
While looks and muscles have not changed much, we have built what we call "civilization" that grows much faster than the evolution of living things, and has made it as an evolution of humanity. Evolution is not necessarily only evolution of an individual, it is the first time to evolve by making things and inheriting it to become the representative of the Earth.

【6 Million years ago】 We graduated from "monkey"!
【2.8 million years ago】 I started using tools!
[300,000 years ago] I started using words!

Even those who are 300,000 years old "Words of great veteran" who have started using words have some troubles of "communicative disorder".
But please be relieved. Around this time all human beings were "Ultra Communal". Everyone seemed to be an alien, it seems that they could not communicate. Even the 7.6 billion people who live in 2018 have time slips around this time, what kind of easy-to-understand gesture can be done is "a bizarre alias that raises a cry". Considering it, it seems like being able to repair the current "communication obstacle" and chew it up.

【50,000 years ago】 I began to think of multiple purposes!
【10,000 years ago】 Agriculture starts! Civilization development has begun!
[500 years ago] I started learning science!

It was only 500 years ago that civilization developed suddenly.
The human beings who made science are twenty generations. As a living thing, nothing can evolve.
However, it is a translation that has made intense evolution in a way that humans evolve civilizations together.

Things called "civilization" can evolve at astonishing speed. But what I think is that our biological evolution can not catch up.
As for what this means, people will be broken as they are. I think that there are not many people who are feeling stress just by living now.

I can not adapt to this world that human beings have created, and stress has come out as a rejection reaction.
If there is "easy" to overcome "bittern", this world is the best. However, in the form of civilization, if you start from "easy" you will recognize "easy" as "bitter" and need "more comfort".
This is scary.

Suddenly, I think that "I want to live while building things and making inventions very hard in a small peaceful village in the past."
In order to survive, it is human being that is programmed to survive seeds, so that it can only live once with instincts. Because instinct is a program for old days, it can not adapt to the world that they made. Because the world living with instinct is being swallowed by civilization, is not it stifling and feeling stressed just by being alive?

Even though we do not have a purpose but we can not live without doing it, even if we know that those who work for us will be better for them, doing something meaningless until we stop it Is not it? It is play. I think this is instinct.
I think that it is necessary to have time to live with this instinct to live in this world.
Although something called social play is not well accepted, in building up the civilization, it is important to respect this unconsciously desired play more.
There are scholars who studied homo rudens, kaiyois, play, but it is difficult to understand instincts themselves even thinking thought. In other words, if you understand play, it will be no longer fun.
I think that it is important to play idiotically without thinking about it.

By the way, I do not think such a strange what I am going to do this time, I would like to steer the car from above unnecessarily.

There are people who are getting sleepy when driving a car for a long time on a highway, do not you sleep because you understand by "heading off asleep"? This is a buggy as an organism and I think that it is also evidence that there is a place where we can not adapt to this civilization.
It's too convenient, it's too fast, it is no longer an alien ride.

So how do you drive a car with instinct?
I think that it is good to stimulate the survival instinct. In that way, I drove on a car in vain to drive and saw it while tasting the thrill.
It does not make sense as a car that the speed is insanely slow, but it was really fun to ride. And I did not feel tired, it was refreshing itself. It is late.
You can experience the speed. It is late.
You can feel it by emphasizing "gravity play" one of four divisions of play of Kaiyo with a little step. It is late.

Things that I wanted in this overview column this time.
That is to say that what you're doing is definitely a stupid thing, depending on that 's saying "It feels like I'm feeling I can see something that is just joking around.
Writing may be there and it may be wrong. Or I have never seen a human of 300,000 years ago so please just think about something about it and think that it feels like that.
As I wanted to do this, my hour and a half went away somewhere, but I am happy. It is a love and a piece. (Aho)

※ This movie is taking special photographs by pre-empting the former circuit of the professional staff with President Kumakubo who is a superior big driver of drift.
It was the reason why we were able to eliminate accidents and damage to cars by professionals who are doing special processing and safety management so that the car will not get dented or scratched for this shooting.
Do not imitate people who are neither good nor bad children nor anyone who does not want to become any!
——————————————————————– ——
I am a student anywhere! "You are doing that stupid thing again ~" I'm happy if you can feel free to look at friends!

I'm happy if I can become a place with laughter that can blur and tinker with everyone like a school!

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[今回の撮影は車の楽しさや素晴らしさを皆さんに知ってほしいと、車大好き人間さんの方々にメガ盛りなご協力を頂き、去年の10月より 車大好き人間さんとご協力していただけるサーキットさんを探す旅からのスタートとなりました。
映画 ワイルドスピードで実際に車を運転という形で出演されていた株式会社エビスサーキット熊久保社長様、そして遅くまで手伝ってくださったとてつもなく優しいイケメンスタッフの皆様、そしてエビスサーキットさんとの架け橋を作ってくださった静岡から福島までお車で駆けつけてくださった パワーLLCマネージャー早川様 本当にありがとうございました!
パワーLLC様 ]


言葉を使い始めて30万年も経つ ”お言葉大ベテラン” な私たちですら「コミュ障」と言う悩みを持っている人がいます。
 しかし安心して下さい。この頃は全人類が「ウルトラコミュ障」。みんながみんな宇宙人に見えて、意思疎通なんてできなかったらしいです。2018年を生きる76億人のコミュニケーションマスターでさえ、この頃にタイムスリップしたらどんな分かりやすいジェスチャーをしようが ”奇声を上げるヤバイ宇宙人”なんです。それを考えれば今の「コミュ障」なんて開き直って気合いで直せるように思えて来るものです。





生きる為に、種を存続させる為にプログラミングされているのが人間で、本能だけで一応生きていけるようになっています。 本能が昔用のプログラムなので、自分たちの作った世界に適応できていない。本能を使って生きれる世界が文明に飲み込まれてしまっているから、息苦しく、生きているだけでストレスを感じてしまうのでは無いでしょうか。










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