DA PUMP [Official] / USA Avex group STAFF ver.

Recently, a movie “DA PUMP [Official] / USA Avex group STAFF ver.” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

DA PUMP [Official] / USA Avex group STAFF ver.(avex)

DA PUMP "USA" Staff Version Avex · Entertainment Group STAFF participation in music video!

Avex staff at affiliated record company creates music videos full of USA dance!

Also look for choreographer TOMO, KENZO? !

By all means, please visit the staff Ver.


DA PUMP[公式] / U.S.A. エイベックス グループ STAFF ver.

DA PUMP「U.S.A.」スタッフバージョンミュージックビデオに
エイベックス・エンタテインメントグループ STAFF 参戦!





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