【We really do. This is a gift item for 100 million yen. "Repezen Earth"

Recently, a movie “【We really do. This is a gift item for 100 million yen. "Repezen Earth"” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

【We really do. This is a gift item for 100 million yen. "Repezen Earth"(【Repenzene Earth】 We rehabilitated.)

[Make it still in time! For official LINE friends to participate in gifts planning from here! 】


【DMM.com 20th Anniversary Half Price Campaign Site is here】

【Twitter present present planning from here! 】
※ I already tweeted! Fly it!

【President of DJ】 https://twitter.com/DJ_Shacho
【DJ FOO】 https://twitter.com/DJ_Foy_
【DJ Ginta】 https://twitter.com/DJ_GINTA_NEW
【DJ Maru】 https://twitter.com/DJ_maru_
【MG aside】 https://twitter.com/MG_waki
【Repenzene Earth ~ Official ~】 https://twitter.com/represen_chikyu

※ Only DJ president will tweet on August 20th!

About 100 million yen plan · Twitter planning
– How to participate Retrieve each member's account & follow the campaign tweets
– About winning
We will contact you only at the DM after August 26 from Repsen Earth official account.
– Duration
August 19 – August 26 (winning announcement is after August 26)
* Shipping etc. will be shipped at the same time as the products of Youtube planning.
※ For campaign Please note that you can not answer to questions in DM.

· Youtube project
– How to participate Please confirm from the participation method of 【Campaign application information】 at the following URL.

It is a movie that became the background of this project! Everyone please see!

【DJ President x DMM Kameyama】 Unheard of present present plan! What? 【Kameichichi TV】

■ Planning joint implementation: Hashidai Co., Ltd. (https://hassyadai.com/)
HP https://hassyadai.com/
Hasheday https://twitter.com/hassyadai
Yankee Interns https://twitter.com/yankeeintern
Hasher Dai Resort https://twitter.com/resortbite

■ Sponsor: Keiji Kameyama (founder of the DMM.com group)
HP https://www.dmm.com/
Twitter https://twitter.com/kameyama66

– 100 million yen gift present planning outline – —-
※ Updated to the latest information on August 17th.

■ Items to win on Twitter
MacbookAir 13inch 1.8GHz processor 128GB storage 【20 units】
BeatsX earphone 【60 units】
AppleWatch 38 mm GPS model [40 units]
AirPods 【50 units】
55 inch 4K display 【10 units】
65 inch 4K display 【10 units】

■ Items to be elected on Youtube Benz TheSclass Sedern 【1 unit】
Rolex Daytona 【1 unit】
Daihatsu Move L [1 unit]
PlayStation® 4 Jet · Black 500 GB 【100 units】
NintendoSwitch 【100 units】
GoProHero 6 【10 units】
Dyson Dyson Pure Cool dyson [TP00IB] 【4 units】
Dyson Dyson Pure Cool dyson [TP00WS] [1 unit]
Dyson Pure Cool Link Table fan [DP 03 IB] [5 units]
SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth® speaker Black [5 units]
SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth® speaker silver 【5 units】
PlayStation® VRCUHJ – 16003 CUH – ZVR 2 series 【10 units】
SoundMoovz (Black) 【100 units】
SoundMoovz (navy) 【200 units】
SoundMoovz (Pink) 【300 units】
SoundMoovz (purple) 【200 units】
First Order Storm Trooper 【700 units】
Air by crazybaby (NANO) 【10 units】
PALMI 【10 units】
Pre-made · AI 【10 units】
Tapia 【10 units】
GooglePlay code 10,000 yen 【10 people】
iTunes code 500 yen 【40,000 people】
DMM point code 1,000 yen 【22,000 people】

* The winning of high prizes (vehicles and watches such as 1, 3, 3 etc) will be subject to being able to appear on the youtube channel of Repsen Earth. Details will be announced separately to the winners.
* Among the presents campaign totaling 100 million yen announced in the movie, some prizes were to be announced separately, and it was decided to give a present ahead of youtube planning.
※ You can not choose prizes. Please note.

【Please be sure to check application requirements for campaign from here
hassyadai.com/discovery/special/represent-chikyu(【Repenzene Earth】 We rehabilitated.)











【DJ社長×DMM亀山】 前代未聞のプレゼント企画!?【かめっちTV】

■企画共同実施:株式会社ハッシャダイ( hassyadai.com/ )
HP hassyadai.com/
ハッシャダイ https://twitter.com/hassyadai
ヤンキーインターン https://twitter.com/yankeeintern
ハッシャダイリゾート https://twitter.com/resortbite

■協賛:亀山 敬司(DMM.comグループ創業者)
HP www.dmm.com/
Twitter https://twitter.com/kameyama66

ー 1億円プレゼント企画概要 ー

MacbookAir 13inch1.8GHzプロセッサ 128GBストレージ【20台】
AppleWatch38mm GPSモデル【40台】

ベンツ TheSclass Sedern【1台】
ロレックス デイトナ【1台】
ダイハツ Move L 【1台】
PlayStation®4 ジェット・ブラック 500GB【100台】
Dyson ダイソン ピュアクール dyson [TP00IB] 【4台】
Dyson ダイソン ピュアクール dyson [TP00WS]【1台】
Dyson Pure Cool Link テーブルファン[DP03IB]【5台】
SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth® speaker ブラック【5台】
SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth® speaker シルバー【5台】
PlayStation®VRCUHJ-16003 CUH-ZVR2シリーズ【10台】
ファースト・オーダー ストームトルーパー 【700台】
Air by crazybaby (NANO)【10台】
Tapia 【10台】
GooglePlayコード 10,000円【10名】
iTunesコード 500円【40,000名】
DMMポイントコード 1,000円【22,000名】



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