"It's half, blue, in 5 minutes. Week 20 – I want to start!

Recently, a movie “"It's half, blue, in 5 minutes. Week 20 – I want to start!” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

"It's half, blue, in 5 minutes. Week 20 – I want to start!(NHK)

Week 20 "I want to start!"
Sunny (Matsuyuki Yasuko) 's anger exploded while Suzumi (Nagano Bungo) and Utitaro (Kenichi Taki) were excited with the idea of ​​Tsukushi eatery 2 store. Although the sun will rush out of the house with a momentum, I will visit the Hagio family without coming. Kazuko (Harada Tomoyo) apologizes for pushing at night, despite his fighting illness, but Kazuko warmly welcomes such a fine day. Kazuko conveys some advice to the fine we can reveal anxiety. There, breathless bells love comes to Hagio Owner looking for sun.

"Half, blue from August 20 (Monday). Week 21 – I want to live! Also looking forward to it!

The year after the Osaka Expo, 1971 (Showa 46) year. A fictitious town in the eastern part of Gifu Prefecture · A girl named Suzumi (Sparrow) was born in a small dining room in Higashi Mino City Owl (Owl) Town. Every day I was a cheerful child running around Noyama, but when I was a primary school student, I was sickly hearing one ear. What encouraged her was her childhood friend who was born in the same hospital on the same day as her parents who love my child.

【Broadcasting Information】
NHK synthesis (Monday – Saturday) 8: 00 ~ / [rebroadcast] Afternoon 0: 45 ~
NHK BS Premium (Monday – Saturday) 7: 30 ~ / [rebroadcast] Night 11: 30 ~

"Continuous TV novel" Half, blue "." www.nhk.or.jp/hanbunaoi/(NHK)



8月20日(月)からの『半分、青い。 第21週~生きたい!』もお楽しみに!


NHK 総合(月~土)午前 8:00~/[再放送]午後 0:45~
NHK BSプレミアム(月~土)午前 7:30~/[再放送]夜 11:30~


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