Skimmed watermelon with high pressure washer Paradise! PDS

Recently, a movie “Skimmed watermelon with high pressure washer Paradise! PDS” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

Skimmed watermelon with high pressure washer Paradise! PDS(PDSKabushikiGaisha)

Evaluation of animation Yoriku It became late again!

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For letters and gifts click here PDS Genius to Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 37th Floor Roppongi 6-10-1 Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6137

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I introduce myself for those who saw me for the first time !!

My name is Payandante Masayosuke PDS !!

Born July 27, 1993 I was born in England.


I came back and forth in England in my childhood and Japanese and English became irresponsible. From birth to first grade of elementary school was the head of the general public but I understood that my head is bad in the second half of elementary school! You can not write the figure of 8 in the girl next door and was abused and refused to go to school It has become! Because I can not keep up with studying, my parents are going to the cram school of KUMON, but at the cram school I do not study at all and the teacher is no longer going to go by myself! That schoolchild has made me go to go In schoolchildren the fans were popular and I was kept till I was able to turn !! At the end I thought that I was able to turn around, I felt a transfer school because of my parents situation at elementary school.
Transformed and got bullied from girls! Becoming third grader in elementary school gradually became able to live like me and began to tone up without being bullied !!
I entered the boys baseball hawks after becoming elementary school fifth grader!
I got the friendship and team work and it was the outfield lights ….
I was playing baseball until the second grade of junior high school but I could not achieve both the Ekiden Division and Mr. Yamaguchi, I quit and quit Yamaguchi Kim!

It is a muscle trekka who has taken a hobby of taking movies since high school student's time !!
I was going to a boys but it was really boring and started streaming video!(PDSKabushikiGaisha)

スイカを高圧洗浄機で皮ズル剥けパラダイス!! PDS

動画の評価よろぴく またしても遅くなりました!!


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お手紙やプレゼントはこちらへ〒106-6137東京都港区六本木 6-10-1 六本木ヒルズ森タワー37階 PDS天才へ


【1000円自販機&確立機】 再生リスト↓

【姫ウズラ日記】 再生リスト↓

【アホな実験シリーズ】   再生リスト↓

【作ってみたシリーズ】        再生リスト↓

【知育菓子シリーズKracie – popin’ cookin】 再生リスト↓

【西瓜スイカシリーズ】     再生リスト↓

【猫 POPシリーズ】      再生リスト↓

【UFOキャッチャー】      再生リスト↓

【ママチャリの旅】       再生リスト↓

【ゲーム実況】         再生リスト↓

【ミュージックビデオmusic PV MV】  再生リスト↓

【コント、ドラマ、茶番劇】      再生リスト↓

【一人で髪を切るシリーズ.PDS美容室】 再生リスト↓

【筋トレシリーズ、マッチョ飯】    再生リスト↓

【兄貴にドッキリシリーズ】      再生リスト↓

【PDSの料理シリーズ】        再生リスト↓

【兄貴のPDRさんシーリズ】      再生リスト↓

【PDS色んなYouTuberとのコラボ】   再生リスト↓

【マインクラフトMinecraft 】     再生リスト↓

【モンスト.モンスターストライク】  再生リスト↓

【GTA5 グランドセフトオート】    再生リスト↓

【パズドラ】            再生リスト↓

【のび太のバイオハザード】     再生リスト↓


僕の名前はペインダンテ将之介 P D S です!!

1993年7月27日生まれ イギリスで生まれました。




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