Let's see Cebuči in portrait view [고맙다 (THANKS) 編 集] 【SEVENTEEN (세븐틴)】

Recently, a movie “Let's see Cebuči in portrait view [고맙다 (THANKS) 編 集] 【SEVENTEEN (세븐틴)】” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

Let's see Cebuči in portrait view [고맙다 (THANKS) 編 集] 【SEVENTEEN (세븐틴)】(Ghost)

Because I think that there are also people watching videos on the train or on the bus, so if it is a portrait screen movie it is lying down and I do not know that I watch moving images watching movies I can watch videos while grinning without hesitation I tried making it.

But I think that smartphone is peeked by the next person I think I will come into the absolute line of sight Ikemen Paradise Do not look like I'm watching while smiling it It hurts the eyes of the neighbors.
Let's smile at the next time slowly.
With a face saying "Leave me alone".

This video is editing with the newly found app, so I can not use it yet. Please acknowledge it.

It is like I'm saying that I'm reprinting in vertical movies or Tik Tok well I'm not sure I do not do it Tik Tok I do not quite understand it, but please do not reprint TT
Somehow it feels like you do not say, there are also people who bother to report badly … There are also people to pay attention to …
I am sorry for those people … Please refrain from reprinting … It is enough that you can watch my videos on Twitter or YouTube ^ ^

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縦画面でセブチを見てみよう[고맙다(THANKS)編] 【SEVENTEEN(세븐틴)】




もう縦動画とかTik Tokに転載しろって言ってるようなもんですよねまぁTik Tokやってないんでよくわかんないんですけど
その方々に申し訳ないので…….転載はご遠慮下さい…私の動画はTwitterかYouTubeで見ていただけるだけで充分です^ ^

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