Together with Amigo "Chairperson is mouse" edition

Recently, a movie “Together with Amigo "Chairperson is mouse" edition” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

Together with Amigo "Chairperson is mouse" edition(NHK)

Hikano Genji's unbelievable "loose-to-do" music & talk program "Ogin and Together" 2nd bullet!
Hoshino Genjosu "Arigato" and pleasant family members sing and sing.

In this video, Argumi and Mouse talk about "mouse" who will be in charge of "moderator".

"Oguns family" that I love about "music" and "to talk lazily" is a program "playing with music" with everyone, that is "with Together"
We deliver "loose music" and "lazy talk". Mr. Gengun who loves music so much, speaks music with her family from a unique point of view in the living room.

【Broadcasting Information】
NHK General August 20 (Monday) Night 10: 00 ~

"Together with a gentleman"





NHK 総合 8月20日(月)夜10:00~


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