"Sho in Saitama" special information

Recently, a movie “"Sho in Saitama" special information” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

"Sho in Saitama" special information(Toei movie channel)

Released February 22, 2019 Actualization of Misako Nozomi · Movie "Shoken Saitama" special information released!

Nikaido Fumi GACKT

Original: Makoto Makoto "This comic is amazing! Comics Sho in Saitama" (Treasure Island)
Director: Hideki Takeuchi ("Thermae and Romae" series "Nodame" series)
Screenplay: Yuichi Tokunaga Music: Face 2 fAKE(Toei movie channel)

『翔んで埼玉』 特報


二階堂ふみ GACKT

脚本:徳永友一 音楽:Face 2 fAKE

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