[New] New Jimny TRUST muffler power check!

Recently, a movie “[New] New Jimny TRUST muffler power check!” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

[New] New Jimny TRUST muffler power check!(VIDEO OPTION CHANNEL)

A trust that is also good at Jimny Tune produces a cool muffler at the same time as delivering a new Jimny. Power check at Shashidai immediately. The unrivaled car likes Iida chapter test drive. Exploring the features and tuning possibilities of the new Jimny!

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It is the official video of the VIDEO OPTION series that has recorded the history of the tuning car.
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· This picture is a summary of the past DVD contents.
High-speed and dangerous driving on public roads by passenger cars will be harmful to life and punishable by law. Please never imitate it.(VIDEO OPTION CHANNEL)

【新作】新型ジムニー TRUST マフラー パワーチェック!


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チューニングカーの歴史を記録してきたVIDEO OPTIONシリーズ公式映像です。
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D1・チューニングカーの映像本舗「VIDEO OPTION公式サイト」はコチラ




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