【Jiro & Saburo】 First one! Ichiro Famous Quiz!

Recently, a movie “【Jiro & Saburo】 First one! Ichiro Famous Quiz!” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

【Jiro & Saburo】 First one! Ichiro Famous Quiz!(I invited you to dusk and the angels of jet black)

Good evening. I am Nakamura.

Today I am in charge of the summary column as being a video related to baseball.

I was playing soft baseball from elementary school third grader to junior high school third grader. Aside from Saturday and Sunday, I continued tough practice everyday in division activities at junior high school. Such support of the heart in my baseball life is a teammate called "Stumanoid Farson". He is a very sticky person, and "Katakana" is particular about him. That's right, he loves katakana. Actually, it is Sato.

I only eat things in katakana expression, do not drink. I only wear things in katakana notation. Even if you invite me to a set meal shop, it comes when inviting me to Viking.
I do not like gym uniforms but I like uniforms. Saying, "Do not say" launch, say a party ". It is such feeling.

That commitment is also demonstrated in baseball.
I hate striking, so he never struck out.
He dislikes throwing a ball because he dislikes himself.
Because I like katakana, I love hits, home runs and in-field fly.
The referee seems to hate simplely.

One day, I gave him courage to such a strong habit, "What's your favorite katakana?"
I asked. It was "parfait".

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December ? What? What? What?

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1月8日(月) 渋谷 GUILTY←ありがとう、全売り切れ
2月4日(日) 渋谷 GUILTY←ありがとう、全売り切れ
3月3日(土) 渋谷 GUILTY←ありがとう、全売り切れ
4月7日(土) 渋谷 GUILTY←ありがとう、全売り切れ
5月3日(木) 渋谷 GUILTY←ありがとう、全売り切れ
6月2日(土) 渋谷 GUILTY ←ありがとう、全売り切れ
7月8日(日) 大阪 FAN J twice←ありがとう、全売り切れ
8月4日(土) 名古屋 M.I.D←ありがとう、全売り切れ
9月22日(土) 千葉 LOOK←ありがとう、全売り切れ
10月6日(土) 横浜 F.A.D
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