What cosmetics changed your life? A-chan's question corner

Recently, a movie “What cosmetics changed your life? A-chan's question corner” is popular in Japan.

In this article, we will translate English for foreigners and introduce them.

What cosmetics changed your life? A-chan's question corner(Club member J)

Company employee J channel July Daily video present event Every day 20 Korean cosmetics will win!

★ Entry link: goo.gl/77 bPoe

★ How to apply
1. Check the code in the movie uploaded at 19 o'clock every day!
2. Go to the link in the video overview section
3. Enter the code in the message field of the application page
Four. Entry completed!

★ check!
* Entry once per day for each person
* The validity period of the code is from 19 o'clock on the day when the video was uploaded until 18:59 on the next day.
* Time is Japan time standard.
* Application from outside Japan can not be made.

★ Event management: C Channel(Club member J)



★応募先リンク: goo.gl/77bPoe



★イベント運営: C Channel

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